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House Rewiring


 House Rewire

Reduce the Cost of Your House Rewiring!


Due to regulations, safety and inevitable deterioration, sooner or later it becomes necessary to rewire a property. It goes without saying that this can be messy, disruptive and  a costly process.


At Manchester Electric we provide a specialist outstanding rewiring service, having specialist; knowledge, tools and electricians better than what the average electrical contractor can provide. The rewiring team of electricians from Manchester Electric have extensive specialist rewiring experience and knowledge, reducing cost and disruption of the rewiring process.

 The rewiring team provide the highest quality and value possible and are able to complete the work much faster than a general electrician. Having specialised experience in domestic properties, the team of electricians and labourers work incredibly efficiently and effectively to provide higher standards of workmanship, minimal structural disturbances to building fabric, less disruption to tenants and reduce overall associated costs, such as plastering.

Once the work is complete, a full test report is carried out by an inspection and testing engineer at no extra cost. Certification and a 5 year labour guarantee is provided.

Don't use a general electrician! please call to arrange a free quote from the specialists, it will save you money, time and mess!

House Rewire Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.: How much does a rewire cost?  A.: The average cost is 1500 NO VAT PAYABLE! and this is based on a medium sized, 3 bedroom terraced house.

Q.: How long does a house Rewire take to complete?  A.: The average time taken for the specialist team to rewire a domestic dwelling is 1.5 days.

Q.: Is any plastering work included?  A.: Plastering work can be arranged at an extra cost.

Q.: Can I still live in the house whilst the rewiring is being done?  A.: Yes, we are able to rewire occupied properties.

Q.: Do you rewire commercial buildings?  A.: Yes this carried out by a combination of the house rewire team and other electricians

Q.: Am I able to DIY assist the rewiring? A.: For legal reasons and health & safety, this is not always possible.

Q.: How often does a house need Rewiring?  A: The time varies depending on several factors including use and regulations


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